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Brain Went Splody
How to Survive Being a Superhero
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1st-Aug-2007 10:42 pm - Hey! Hey Hey!
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It's making a comeback guys!
1st-Aug-2005 04:13 am(no subject)
After about five hours, this is what we have to show. So much fun, though Kelli did all the work.

Here it is, first page!Collapse )
29th-Jul-2005 10:37 pm - First Post, Oh MY!
And here is the first post in the shiny new Brain Went Splody LJ. So, what is Brain Went Splody? Well, woud you believe me when I said I have no idea?

The story behind this is that a while ago a friend (tommyrotter) and I came up with the thought of doing a webcomic. That thought failed miserably, and the thought just kind of dropped away into oblivion and wasn't thought for about, say, a year. Now, however, we've decided to finally do a webcomic, though in an entirely different vein from the first.

The actually first page for the comic should be finished in about a week. Yeah, we're getting ahead of ourselves, but excitement is a funny thing.

As for who's doing what, our dear tommyrotter, or Kelli, shall be doing the art and the storyline. I am, essentially, her bitch. I'm responsible for maitaining the website, scanning things in, eventually making a decent layout for this LJ, cleaning up the scans, prodding Kelli to get to deadlines, setting deadlines, and I suppose probably some of the storyline. We don't have much of a storyline so far, you know.

Anyway, farewell for now and hopefully next time we post in this thing it'll be with news of updates. Hopefully.
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